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Category:Architecture and Structures
Subcategory:Home and Surroundings
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Keywords:Buxus, Carex, animal, arborvitaes, area, autumn, base, black, border, borders, box, boxwood, bricks, classic, climber, climbing, clipped, cobblestone, conifer, coniferous, covered, creeper, design, evergreen, flower, flowerpot, flowerpots, granite, grass, grasses, gravel, green, ground, hedera, helix, ivy, outdoor, path, patio, pattern, paved, pot, pots, rambler, rear, setts, shape, shaped, shrub, shrubs, stone, stones, summer, taxus, thuja, thujas, topiary, tree, trees, vintage, wall, yew, yews
Paved path in the rear garden

Paved path in the rear garden

Paved path within the border and black flower pots with Carex, Buxus, Thujas along wall of house.