Joanna Kossak GMG, PGPA, is an award-winning international photographer based in South-West London with over 25 years of experience. With a background working in the media as a Picture Editor for an international house and garden magazine, Joanna has a strong understanding of commercial and press photography.

She was an in-house photographer for The RHS for five years, delivering high-quality photographs used by the RHS for promoting gardens and events in national and international magazines.

Now a freelance commercial photographer, Joanna works within the horticultural and landscaping industry, capturing professional marketing photographs that visually represent her client's brand identities and resonate with their target audiences.

Joanna brings a unique approach to each project and is known for her golden-hour photography and ability to photograph at night. She can capture gardens of any size, from the tiniest urban spaces to larger country landscapes. Joanna was recently awarded 3rd place in the acclaimed international IGPOTY 16 photography competition for the 'Captured at Kew' category.


Please get in touch: [email protected]