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Keywords:Buxus, Carex, Hydrangea, animal, arborvitaes, area, august, australis, autumn, ball, base, border, borders, box, boxwood, bricks, cabbage, chairs, classic, clipped, cobblestone, conifer, coniferous, cordyline, duck, entrance, evergold, evergreen, flower, flowerpots, formal, furniture, glass, granite, grass, grasses, green, ground, hortensia, lifestyle, lime, limelight, living, paniculata, patio, paved, pot, pots, red, reflective, retaining, seating, september, setts, shape, shaped, shrub, shrubs, step, steps, stone, stones, summer, table, teak, thuja, thujas, topiary, tree, trees, wall, white, wood, wooden, yellow
Seating area with wooden furniture

Seating area with wooden furniture

Seating area with wodden furniture amongst Carex 'Evergold', buxus clipped in duck shape, flower pots planted with white hydrangea, Cordyline australis. Behind wall of Thujas.
View to the stone paved patio from stairs.