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Common Name: Helen's flower
Genus: Helenium
Cultivar: 'Moerheim Beauty'
Skill Level: Beginner
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Moist
Height: 90cm
Spread: 60cm
Time to divide plants: February to March
Flowering period: June to August
Helenium 'Sahins early flowerer'Helenium 'Wesergold', AGMHelenium 'Wesergold', AGMHelenium 'Rubinzwerg'Helenium 'Rubinzwerg'Helenium 'Rubinzwerg'Helenium 'Rubinzwerg' with Cassida viridisHelenium 'Rubinzwerg'Helenium 'Rubinzwerg'Helenium 'Rubinzwerg'Helenium 'Sahin's Early Flowerer'Helenium 'Sahin's Early Flowerer'Helenium 'Sahin's Early Flowerer'Helenium 'Wesergold'Helenium 'Wesergold'Red flowers of HeleniumRed flowers of HeleniumRed flowers of HeleniumRed flowers of HeleniumRed flowers of Helenium

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