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Tulipa 'Bell Song' (Fringed Tulip), Tulipa 'Davenport' (Fringed Tulip) and Double Early Tulip 'Flash Point' in ceramic vasesTulipa 'Bell Song' (Fringed Tulip) in ceramic vaseTulipa 'Bell Song' (Fringed Tulip) in glass vaseTulips 'Super Parrot' and 'Bell Song' (Fringed Tulip) in porcelain tableware (cup and teapot) on the silver tray.Tulips 'Bell Song' (Fringed Tulip) and 'Super Parrot' on the silver tray.Spring flowers arrangement including Chaenomeles (Japanese quince), Prunus and tulips :double, single; parrot and fringed.Tulipa 'Flaming Flag' (Triumph Tulip) in reflective glass container

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